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Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture (2nd edition)

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"Tom Hombergs has done a terrific job in explaining clean architecture - from concepts to code. Really wish more technical books would be as clear as that one!"

Gernot Starke - coach and consultant for software architecture, co-founder of and founding member of iSAQB (International Software Architecture Qualification Board).

"Love your book. One of the most practical books on hexagonal architecture I have seen/read so far."

Marten Deinum - Spring Framework contributor and author of "Spring 5 Recipes" and "Spring Boot 2 Recipes".

"A book taken right out of the machine room of software development. Tom talks straight from his experience and guides you through the day-to-day trade-offs necessary to deliver clean architecture."

Sebastian Kempken - Software architect at Adcubum.

Get Inspiration for Clean Software Architecture

Getting inspiration on how to build a web application with a clean, maintainable architecture can be frustrating. Many web sources and books do a great job of explaining the concepts of a clean architecture, but fall short in giving hands-on advice on how to implement them.

This book fills this void by converting the concepts of Hexagonal Architecture into actual code. It concentrates on one of the most common forms of applications we're building today - a web application with an underlying database.

The book starts with a discussion about the conventional layered architecture style and which advantages the domain-centric architecture styles of Robert C. Martin's Clean Architecture and Alistair Cockburn's Hexagonal Architecture bring to the table. It then quickly dives into hands-on chapters that show a way of how to manifest a Hexagonal Architecture in actual code.

After discussing each of the layers in a hexagonal architecture style, the book goes into detail about different mapping strategies between those layers, how to assemble the architecture elements to an application, how to enforce the architecture boundaries, which shortcuts produce which technical debt, and when we might willingly take on this technical debt anyways.

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A book that makes the abstract ideas of "Clean Architecture" and "Hexagonal Architecture" concrete.

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Get Your Hands Dirty on Clean Architecture (2nd edition)

14 ratings
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